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I can’t remember if I saw that one before I got my account (I’m just a little bit poor on my memory). Actually, I am having a problem. I have only one nude body for my sim. The other one is my swimsuit. When I go on sleep mode the sims go nude when they wake up. I don’t want this. How can I avoid this? I only want this one nude sim in the house in the nude mode, nothing else. I need help with a sim in the “I Love you” ad lib. He has a mirror built on him. When the sim stares at himself he turns around and a mirror shows his butt. Is there a way to change this? I can’t find anything about the mirror. My sim is getting a bikini but she’s not. I’ve tried giving her a different body and I’ve tried unchecking the bikini but it won’t change. I even deleted her and then made her but it doesn’t work. Any suggestions? My sims play a “sleepy games” that allows them to play games while nude but when they awake they’re back to a normal skin and are naked. How do I get a skin for my sims for when they play the game? Hello, I have been playing my first game of sims4 for about 2 hours now, and I’m having an issue. I made a male sim and added a swimming pool in his back yard. I built a shelf for it to sit on, and I’m having trouble getting the shelf in the water. The sim says it doesn’t fit. I’ve tried several times, and I’m still getting the same message. I don’t have any sims with the water bit from the swamp level. Also, I’ve tried to put some sand and a couple of bricks under the shelf to help it stay in the water. Hi, I have made a Sims 2 game that I am having trouble with. I am not to advanced with the game so any help would be great, thank you. The game is called Spellbound. And I am having some trouble with, Well first of all I’ve made a couple of rooms and they are empty, no real wall no nothing. So I go to build a wall




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Sims 4 Nude In Cas Modl gemmmur

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